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Buy LED Fixtures: Say Goodbye to Cheap Online LED Store

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Nowadays, more and more LED companies in United States set up online LED store in order to gain some market share in end user market.

Customers now have more freedom to choose the right LED light fixtures within their budget, sometimes, they can buy it at very good price, but it is not always true, maybe just sometimes. 

In summary, an end user or professional buyers will have generally 5 sources to get the LED lights. 

1. From top brands like GE, Philips, CREE, Osram etc. 

2. From local Electrical Supply distributors like Sonepar Electrical Supply, Hubbell Lighting etc. they have hudreds or thousands of branches accross United States. 

Chiuer indirectly offer LED products to Sonepar through our customer, we dare to say that out.  

3. From traditional wholesale store platform Costco, Bestbuy, Homedepot, Lowes, Target etc. 

4. From B2C shopping platform Amazon, eBay etc. 

However, these two platforms are filled with Chinese sellers, especially eBay, quality is a big concern, non-certified products takes up large part. Serious buyers should be careful with it. 

As far as we know, it just has 30-day free return policy for defective problem only, after that, it is hard to get warranty/replacement if product fails, very risky to buy from these B2C platform if you are a professional buyer for your customer. 

5. From online retail store which runs by individual small corporation. 

For the 5th source channel, many newly emerging lighting stores are open up every day to hunt for some profit, but due to fierce price competition, a lot of online retail stores would adopt a low-price strategy in order to stand out among so many players. 

However, let’s go back to logical thinking, it is really reasonable to get a low price but still high quality ? 

Surely not. 

If you are serious buyer and you can go through their website product warranty claim page or shipping & return policy page before you checkout.

The final result ?

You will find there is a reason why these retailers sell at that low price, you will find out you can not take any advantage. e.g. some online store states that if light fixtures go dead, they will not offer prepaid return label and the return shipping cost is all on buyer’s account.

Without any exaggeration, this is a huge petential cost, because UPS FedEx increase their freight rate every year, and your re-installation fee and labor cost is super high.

Chiuer often hear from other customers that they buy from some cheap stores/seller but finally is overwhelmed by the large part of shipping cost & reinstallation fee, they are regretful to chase cheap stuff.

Chiuer offer prepaid return label for customer if fixture fails, so you don’t have to worry about any future potential cost after purchase, we are behind our product. 

Besides, these cheap LED lighting store also use non-isolated driver in order to gain price attraction and advantage for all buyers especially alluring for middleman, because these buyer group have large order and they can make more profit if their purchase price is low.

Keep in mind always, you get what you pay, you will never get more over what you pay, because sellers need to make money, they will not do business for charity. If you think you get the LED at a price that equal to seller’s product quality and services, just stick to them