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LED Shoebox Light Wiring Diagram

We are going to show you step by step on how to wire the LED shoebox light into the power line, or with microwave sensor and photocell dusk to dawn sensor.

When you get the LED outdoor light fixtures from us or other lighting stores, if you are not an inexperienced electrician, you will probably be unsure where to start on LED fixtures wiring. Therefore, we make a guide on LED shoebox light wiring diagram here for green hand, hope it will help you to figure it out on wiring for your parking lot lights.

If you buy the dimmable version shoebox light fixtures from us, you will see there are two leads. One is to connected to the power line “L“ and “N” ends, the other is dimmer lead, if requiring dimming function, a dimmer switch is needed. Otherwise, please don’t care about the dimming lead and just leave it in the pole.

L /live wire: black

N/null wire: white

Ground wire: Green

White/Purple: DIM +

Black/Gray: DIM-

LED shoebox light wiring diagram

Below is the detailed LED shoebox light wiring diagram, please follow this guide, you will fix all of your wiring problem. The dimming power supply is the dimmable driver inside the LED fixtures which already connect with LED shoebox fixtures. However, if your driver has failed and want to replace it, this diagram is also very helpful to help you fixed it.

LED shoebox light wiring diagram

Some states or cities have strict regulation on intelligent/smart control over the lighting fixtures, then motion sensor has to be used.

In market, Merrytek the trending motion sensor brand due to its high quality sensitivity.

Below is the Merrytek MC049V microwave sensor for outdoor street lighting, detection zone DxH (16m x 15m), installation mounting height Max 15m.

merrytek motion sensor

You are free to set the shoebox light holding time, stand-by time, dimming level at your will.

MC049V wiring diagram
Merrytek MC049V motion sensor

However, if you would like to use the photocell sensor for dusk to dawn function for your parking lot light, below is the wiring diagram

photocell LED shoebox light wiring diagram

Photocell is often used to replace a shorting cap or receptacle which Chiuer provide that along with the fixture, other vendors probably might not offer it if you need photocell version LED shoebox light.

Photocell have 100-277V version and 200-480V version, you should be mindful that you cannot install 100-277V photocell onto 480V fixtures, because it can be burned right away.

Photocell have 3 pins, 5 pins and 7 pins in market, 3 pins is the most commonly sold in market.

Chiuer have LED shoebox light with photocell sensor in stock in USA inventory, 100W 150W 200W 240W 300W available, feel free to reach us for best pricing via email [email protected] or call +1 806-680-3682 if you have project to bid.