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Top Four High Bay & Low Bay Lighting Retrofit Solutions

retrofit fluorescent high bay lighting fixtures

How to Retrofit MH & Fluorescent High Bay Lighting Fixtures ?

Before we answer the question on how to retrofit fluorescent high bay lighting fixtures, you need to know

What is high bay lighting and low bay lighting fixtures? 

1. LED high bay lighting refers to the large illumination spaces with high ceiling above 20ft.

While low bay lighting usually refer to lighting between 12ft-20ft ceiling light.

Bay lighting is a relative term for ceiling often made of steel, wood, concrete with a low ceiling under 12ft high where recessed, drop lay in or suspension mounted fixture are used like troffer retrofit, flat panel light, fluorescent.

Bay lighting gnerally is fixed with pendant, chain or hook mounted in warehouse lighting, factory lighting,grocery store lighting,hanger lighting,gymnasium lighting etc.,

 Below are three bay lighting fixtures you probobaly see most commonly in your daily life. 

a. Metal Halide high bay lighting fixture

MH high bay light

b. Vapor high bay lighting fixtures

vapor high bay light

c. T5, T8,T12 fluorescent high bay lighting fixtures

T5 T8 T12 fluorescent high bay

It is so commonly seen everywhere and you can imagine if all bay light luminares go for LED lighting.

how much electricity bill to save each year ?

That is 12billion dollars each year according to a study. 

You have many options to choose from the current lighting market in LED lighting industry.

However, this task is not easy if you have no knowledge to become a informed purchase decison maker.

How to retrofit fluorescent high bay lighting fixtures?

Here are two solutions we propose according to different situations if you are planning to retrofit fluorescent high bay lighting fixtures project.

1.  If your light bulbs is the old fluorescent T12 T8 T5 bulbs which contains the toxic material inside and not environment friendly, therefore, it is better to shift to LED Lighting technology.

The best solutions is to directly replace the old fluorescent bulbs with the LED T8 tube light bulbs.

And as we know, fluorescent requires a ballast and a starter to make a high voltage(usually over 1-2KV) in order to incur the phosphor create the visible lightwave and besides, ballast itself also consume electricity.

However, the most important factor you need to take into account is how long the fluorescent tubes have been running.

If not long, the ballast is still new and have a relatively long lifespan, in order to save your labor cost for installation, it is prosper to use the plug and play ballast compatible T8 tube.

If the ballast has been running for quite a few years, then it is better to ask qualified electrician to remove the ballast and rewire and use the ballast bypass t8 tube light,

Why ?

Because you would be free from the future trouble of replacing the ballast when it stops working and no need to pay additional fee for installation.

fluorescent high bay lighting fixtures

2. LED linear light fixture is another a popular approach to retrofit fluorescent high bay lighting fixtures in the USA market.

since the linear high bay has larger light source panel and can cover larger spaces in comparison with LED UFO high bay lighting, and it also has motion sensor option, too.

It has 2ft and 4ft length options, conduit or suspension mounted available. To learn more about LED linear high bay lighting fixture, pls see here.

high bay led lighting price

How to retrofit MH high bay lighting fixtures

HID is the frequently used in warehouse high bay lighting, but it would be annoying to see yellowish light color when the lumen decay lasts for quite a period of time. 

1. High intensity discharge(HID) fixture which include metal halide(MH), high pressure sodium(HPS) and mercury vapor are widely seen in warehouse lighting, workshop lighting, gym lighting, facilities lighting in government and municipal community center and recreation center.

HID cost is not high though, its has serious 20% lumen decay after about usage of 6 months, 

However, the HID light quality is not good, CRI, light efficacy is very low about 80-100lm/w based on the ballast power factor.

Thereby, going after LED lighting fixtures is a popular trend.

But wheather to go LED retrofit or LED fixtures highly depends on the budget you have.

LED corn light bulb is good to retrofit the dome shape MH,HPS light bulbs like picture below,

And it is easy to install as a breeze,

Just screw out the old bulb;

Remove the ballast and rewire;

Screw in the corn lamp,

But keep in mind to turn off the power before handling all work.


2. If your HID bulbs and ballasts are too old, time to replace the whole fixture has come.

And UFO high bay lighting is a good choice and a very popular item across United States since 2016 due to its lightweight and high lumen efficacy features.

UFO high bay offers chain/eyelet hook/conduit/yoke mounting for most application.

It has other intelligent smart lighting control option such as:

motion sensor to detect the human movement in the working area in order to save more electricity bill.

To learn more about the UFO lighting fixture details, please see here

150w led warehouse lighting fixtures

Should you still have question on how to retrofit fluorescent high bay lighting fixtures or retrofit MH high bay lighting, pls feel free to leave us message.

We will try our best to find the proper lighting retrofit solutions for your need, as there is no “one size fits for all”.