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What Is Slipfitter Mount, Direct Mount, Trunnion Mount ?

LED shoebox light has many mounting brackets, but three of the following mounts are the most commonly seen in United States. And slipfit mount is the most important, however, if the light pole(whatever it is round or square shape) is larger in the slip fitter bracket size, we still can use pole light tenon adapter to make it fit. 

1. What is slipfitter mount ?

Slip fitter is for round light pole tenon mounting bracket for a single lighting fixture, surely if adding a bullhorn bracket, more fixtures can be added, slipfitter bracket usually 2-3/8″ in diameter in hole size, it can be adjustable(90°-180°) in its angle. Slipfit mount is the most common mounting way for parking lot lighting, sidewalk street lighting application.

Senior usage tip: If slip fitter bracket combines the wall brackets, then it can side mounted on square pole. 

slipfitterslipfitter mounting street lightingslipfitter mounting led shoebox light

2. What is direct mount bracket?

Direct mount is also called horizontal straight arm mount, it is usually used to mount on sides of square or round pole, 

direct mount bracketdirect mount led shoebox light

3. What is trunnion mount ?

Trunnion mount is also called yoke mount, it is often used for wall mounted as flood lighting or mount on any flat surface like square pole or square bull horn

Trunnion mount brackettrunnion mount led shoebox light

Below is our pole light installation solutions for these three kinds of mounting, first part, it is general usage if the pole light bracket fit the pole well.

If the light pole size is larger than slipfitter, that is the second part in picture below, we might need to use some combination of the pole adapters in order to install single or double fixtures or even more on top. 

If you want to learn senior usage of other tenon adapters & mounting brackets in LED parking lot lighting installation, please check what is light pole tenon adapter

LED shoebox light pole mounted, wall mounted

 Choosing the right LED light fixtures is very important, it is better to match the light pole color and consider lighting distribution patterns (including Type I, II, III, IV, V.) For instance,

If it is dark bronze poles, the fixture should be dark bronze;

If it is white pole, required a white housing LED fixture to match as well; 

We have many adjustable slipfitter LED fixtures, direct mount fixture, yoke/trunion mount LED parking lot fixtures in stock in United States inventory, dark bronze or white finish, with or without photocell, you can click picture below to check product details to buy. 

led shoebox light 480v pole mount fixtures

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