Garage Lighting Fixtures

We have different styles of ultra bright garage lighting fixtures for sale in our US warehouse. First, you need to know how to choose a good garage light for your project.

Indoor garage lighting

If you use the garage light for indoor lighting, we have plenty of options.

The wattage to use depends on the ceiling height.

If your garage ceiling is about 8ft-12ft high, then you can use long 4ft 8ft LED t8 tube, strip fixture or wraparound fixtures, you can also go LED flat panel light or can light for a low recessed mount drop ceiling.

However, IP65 rating would be required when the moisture rate is high especially in car washing garage shop, in such occassion, 4 foot tri proof light is the best solution.

However, if the overhead ceiling is above 15ft, then you might consider to buy industrial high bay as the ceiling mount garage light, as its power can be made in large and can meet most interior situations, the high bay can pendant mount, hanging mount or surface mount under the ceiling.

Outdoor garage lighting

If you want to find garage light fixtures for outdoor use,  it is better to purchase IP65 rated fixtures to guarantee its lifespan would not be shortened.

We have square LED canopy light and round canopy light in black finish or white finish, you can select the right size of the light for your exterior car garage canopies to make sure it can fit. If you want bright but a little warm ambience, you can go 4000K, otherwise, it is no regretful choice to take 5000K daylight color, as this color temperature is sold hotly among our customers. Motion sensor and batter backup can be provided for the garage canopy light if you need.

However, if you just want to install a light  inside or outside of your garage wall, you can buy a flood light which is adjustable light with the yoke bracket or get a wall mounted barn light for security lighting.

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