Garden Lighting Fixtures

We have different styles of outdoor garden lighting fixtures for sale,modern or contemporary, traditional or rustic  LED post lanterns, corded post light or solar powered post top light, bollard light are mostly commonly used. 

How to select the garden lighting ?

First, if there is no existing post in the garden, pulling a power line is hard or expensive, especially in rural area, then you can consider to use solar post light or solar bollard light. 

However, if you just want to subsitute the old light fixtures, then you can go to the second step directly. 

Secondly, find the original wattage and choose a brighter or equivalent LED garden light. Below is the LED replacement equal to HID 

  • 30W LED = equal to 75W-100W MH HPS, halogen 
  • 50W-60W LED = equal to 120W-175W MH HPS, halogen
  • 75W-80W LED = 200W-250W MH HPS, halogen
  • 100W-120W LED = 275W-350W MH HPS
  • 150W-200w LED = 400W-600W MH HPS 
  • 300W LED = 600W-1000W MH HPS

If you just want to replace the light bulb inside the garden light fixtures, we also have the LED retrofit lamp with E26 & E39 base available for post light or globe. 

Color temperature is very important for the garden ambience. If you need yellow light, you can go 3000K warm white, if you need brightness, it is better to go 5000K daylight. 4000K is a natural light, its color is between warm white and daylight white. 

Another thing to consider is that whether you need dusk to dawn control automatically, if yes, go photocell version without hesitate, this will free you from the trouble to turning on the light at dusk and turning off it at dawn.

Feel free to reach us if you need customize the product. 

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