Database connection might be slow, it may take a while before the calculator form shows up, thanks for your patience( better to use computer to show).

Usage guide:

  1. Please select the existing fixture type first, CFL, Fluorescent, HID, Incandescent or LED, e.g. HID
  2. Input the lighting hours of the fixture or lamp
  3. Choose the original fixture wattage from the drop menu, e.g. 1-lamp 1000w metal halide, input the MH quanity.
  4. Choose the LED category you want to convert to. e.g. if you want to replace the 1000w metal halide pole light, select “Outdoor Pole/arm Mounted Area and Roadway luminaire” from the drop menu and input the quanity you need.
  5. Select the closest new LED wattage and lumen output you want to use, say 300W, 41,000lm.
  6. Input LED item unit price on our website.

Facilities information

  1. Input your lighting job/project post code, “Electricity Rate” will be filled in automatically, available utilities will be displayed if there is any in your state.

After filling in all information, there is a payback summary figure generated, you will see your annual KWh savings, utility rebate estimated and payback time for LED upgrade, which will give you and your customer a sense of saving cost from time to time.

You can print out the calculation result web page if you want to show to your customer. If using generate full report, you should download in 3 days, afterward, it will be not downloadable.