LED Shoebox Light

Chiuer LED shoebox light fixtures are perfect for area flood lighting in church, school, shopping mall parking lot, auto dealership car lots, tennis courts, street lighting for security lighting purpose.

With many mounting brackets options like trunnion bracket, slip fitter and direct mount brackets, non-adjustable and adjustable version for wall mounted or square and round pole lighting, it suits almost all types of installation.

Wattage options from 40W 50W 70W 100W 150W 200W 240W 300W 350W 400W 450W 500W 600W to replace 250-1,500 watt HID fixtures, which are stocked in US warehouses for American electricians or electrical contractors’ purchase.

All LED shoebox fixtures are DLC UL cUL listed with 5 years warranty, free shipping from our US inventories. 

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