Parking Lot Lighting

There are LED fixtures and LED retrofit for parking lot lighting, to choose which way to go, you need to understand your demand first before making informed decision.

There are many car parking lots near any private or public properties, and these spaces require a security lighting with good illumination, for example, the shopping mall, motel or hotel, the car dealership store, outside of warehouse or factories, transit facilities or distribution center, school campus or unversities, bus stations etc. For any profit-making entities, if your place doesn’t have a bright car lot, few people would drive and come to your shop or store, this would affect your business, therefore, it is necessary to get a bright light but with low maintenance cost.

If you have old parking lot light fixture and it is still relatively new, you can choose LED retrofit to keep your budget low, we have economical LED retrofit kit and LED retrofit lamps that can bypass the ballast and can operate for 50,000hrs lifespan.

Besides of that, if it is a new lighting project, we recommend to go with our LED parking lot fixtures directly,  LED shoebox light is the most commonly used in the USA market. It is usually pole mounted on round pole or square pole or mounted on wall, very easy to install.

If there is no room to set a pole, but a wall near the parking lot, you can consider adopting the outdoor wall pack light, also a great choice for area lighting.

Some parking lot is not outside, but under ground or at basement, then we can use under canopy light or linear light for parking lighting.

We offer various LED parking lot fixtures and parking lot light bulb for easy replacement of old parking lot fixtures.

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