How do solar powered street lights work ? The solar panel can absorb the sun’s energy via its solar cells or photovoltaic cells during the sunny daytime, store and convert it into elecrical power in the battery. In case not to be overcharged, there is a smart PWM or MPPT controller to communicate between the solar panel and battery. It monitors the signal of the voltage & current from the panel. Voltage is key factor
high bay emergency lighting
High bay emergency lighting is a battery-backed high bay lighting when the main power supply is cut or out or for any other reasons, the light can be automatically turned on and serve as a evacuated illumination for people and escape from the dark commercial and residential buildings such as warehouse, workshop, garage etc. We all know that there is exit sign light used as fire emergency lighting for commercial address, so why do I
Buyer guide on how to choose the best LED grow lights LED grow lights become quite trending over the last two years in the United States because more and more States‘ law make it legal to plant cannabis or marijuana for home growing for medical or recreational use, in 2021 this year, the number reaches to 24 States that has legalized it. Besides, more and more people become interested in gardening indoors to cultivate some
LED strip lights are commonly used for decoration accent lighting in home, outdoor architectural buildings and landscape lighting. There are a lot of users having questions about how to cut LED strip lights and how to connect / join them or reconnect them to a desired length, so today, I’d like to share our knowledge about this product, hope this article is helpful for you. Before we extend to that point, I would like to ask
Many customers are confused by these two LED gasket accessories shorting cap vs photocell for LED parking lot light, so I would like to explain it for customer to understand their differences fully. What does a shorting cap do ? Shorting cap is also called receptacle by some customer, a cap part assembled on top of the driver box on LED parking lot fixtures, which is used to connect the power between the line and
Many end users don’t know what is full cutoff wall pack as well as for some buyers in LED industry for quite a few years. Today I’d like to explain all details to tell the difference between full cutoff LED wall pack VS semi cutoff LED wall pack VS LED rotatable wall pack in order to help more people to understand these three types wall mounted lighting fixtures, so you can make the right decision

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