What is the difference between high bay and low bay lighting ? Many people asked the difference between high bay vs low bay lighting, today I would like to answer this question and help you to choose the best bay lights for your application. Before comparing their difference, let’s figure out their parent category bay lighting.   Bay light refers to any lamps or lighting fixtures applied for large spaces with relatively high ceiling over
1.What is the difference between LED flat panel VS LED troffer ? 2. What’s the difference between led troffer light VS LED troffer retrofit kit ? 3. What’s the difference between edge lit LED panel VS back lit led panel light ? 4. What’s the difference between direct led troffer VS indirect led troffer ? What is the difference between LED flat panel VS LED troffer ? LED flat panel vs troffer lights are both
We are going to show you step by step on how to wire the LED shoebox light into the power line, or with microwave sensor and photocell dusk to dawn sensor. When you get the LED outdoor light fixtures from us or other lighting stores, if you are not an inexperienced electrician, you will probably be unsure where to start on LED fixtures wiring. Therefore, we make a guide on LED shoebox light wiring diagram
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Talk Online LED Store Websites Nowadays, more and more LED companies in United States set up online LED store in order to gain some market share in end user market. Customers now have more freedom to choose the right LED light fixtures within their budget, sometimes, they can buy it at very good price, but it is not always true, maybe just sometimes.  In summary, an end user or professional buyers will have generally 5
Light Pole Tenon Adapter Light Pole Tenon is a pole adapter/accessory that can convert your 3″ 4″ 5″ pole size in diameter to smaller size in order to fit the street light / shoebox light fixtures mounting bracket like 2-3/8inch slip fitter.  Below are some items we have in our store, you can click the picture below and find more details about each item’s information.  Now we are gonna show you the senior usage of
LED shoebox light has many mounting brackets, but three of the following mounts are the most commonly seen in United States. And slipfit mount is the most important, because if the light pole(whatever it is round or square shape) is larger in the slip fitter bracket size, we still can use pole light tenon adapter to make it fit.  1. What is slipfitter mount ? Slip fitter is for round light pole tenon mounting bracket