Factory Lighting Fixtures

For manufacturing factory oweners, the illumination has great impact on the production schedule for factory lighting, a bright factory light would bring in a larger production volume and a great boost for the workers’s work efficiency, thus shortening the lead time of order. Therefore, it is a good invest to find a suitable factory lights. 

The factory size can be big or small, based on the ways of installation, so it is better to evaluate it before making purchase. 

For small factories, it is quite common to use ballast compatible 4 foot or 8 foot LED t8 tube when the ceiling is not high (around 8ft-10ft), some might use 2 lamps or 3 lamps to plug in the lampholder bracket due to its easy conversion to LED to save electricity bill. However, if there is heavy dust in the factory, we recommend to use 4ft tri proof light, it is IP65 rated, dustproof and waterproof, easy to clean it with water. 

For big factories such as food processing factories, house-making factories, they would use LED high bay light instead as this location usually has high ceiling and require super brightness to make defects easily visible, high bays can be pendant mount, suspended hanging mount or surface mount on the ceiling. If there is some glaring effect to the eyes, you can use a acrylic reflector for the high bay fixtures, then lightbeam would be more soft. 

To choose the best factory lighting is not easy, here is some guide that we think it might be helpful to you. 

  • The factory size and layout the factory light position, linear or other ?
  • Find the preferred installation of factory light, suspended or other ?
  • Take a look at the wattage of factory light, lumens output is enough ?
  • Give a second thought on the finish color, motion sensor is a must ? 

If you still have any question on the factory lighting fixtures, please feel free to reach us. 

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