LED Office Lighting

We supply all kinds of LED lamps and light fixtures for office lighting in home and corporate, no matter it is drop ceiling mount, surface mounted or hanging suspended mount, we have the right office lighting solutions for you. 

For workspaces, there is direct and indirect lighting to see if the light should be soft to the eyes, you might need to consider if should be edge lit LED or back lit LED, task lighting or accent lighting to determine which area should have more brightness than other spaces, and the color temperature also plays a vital role to create an ambient atomosphere, a low kelvin usually have a warm feel and high kelvin gives a cool feel. 

Choosing a good office light also should take the following factors into account whether is should be smart with sensor or dimmable if it is too bright. If you need a soft light, you can pick a milky or frosted cover to avoid glaring. 

For commercial lighting in office, we have 2×2 2×4 1×4 LED flat panel light, edge-lit and backlit version, and troffer fixtures as well for lay-in ceiling light, and CCT can be selectable, and surface mount frame kit is provided for them. If you just want to replace the t8 fluorescent tube in the troffers, we have 2ft 4ft LED t8 tube, ballast compatible to easy shift to LED. 

If you have a high ceiling in your office, you can try the suspended linear light, the lightbeam can be downward 100% to workplace or half down 50% half up 50%. 

In the office hallway ceiling, it is ideal to use the downlight as the light beam angle is not too wide, we have 4″ 6″ 8″ 10″ round downlight and square downlight to suit the light fitting. 

There is no way to select the best office light, just let me know your need, then we can find one for you in our lighting store.  

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