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What is a Full Cutoff Wall Pack VS Semi Cutoff Wall Pack ?

Many end users don’t know what is full cutoff wall pack as well as for some buyers in LED industry for quite a few years.

Today I’d like to explain all details to tell the difference between full cutoff LED wall pack VS semi cutoff LED wall pack VS LED rotatable wall pack in order to help more people to understand these three types wall mounted lighting fixtures, so you can make the right decision to buy proper wallpack for your application.

There are three types of wall pack that is made in market. It is categorized actually based on the application.

Full cutoff means that it is dark sky, all light is down, and comply with the glare requirement between 80° and 90°.

It indicates that there is no upward light. All lightbeam is just directed downward to the ground because the chip board is placed flat horizontally or using a light shield cover to stop the light go upward, so we see the light beam is fully cut off. ( Visit National Lighting Product Information Program to know more detailed info.about the difference between full cutoff and full shielded )

full cutoff wall pack

Full cutoff wallpack is usually used in a very narrow passage, which does not cause any glare or light pollution to the passengers and neighbors. It is more some kind of decoration to outdoor building or act as security light.

led full cutoff wall pack with glare shield

Semi cutoff wall pack is also called half cutoff wall pack.

Because its chip board is put in a slope, there are still some lightbeams can emit to the sky, so we say the light beam is half cut off or non-cutoff, some light go up, and some go down.

Semi cutoff wall pack is often used for a broad street and entryways or walkways, It is designed to direct light forward throw, much more further than LED full cutoff wall pack as a perimeter lighting.

semi cutoff wall pack

You can see that these wall pack fixture is often installed a little higher on the outside wall in order to illuminate to far distance. Its beam angle is 90 degree, some lightbeam is able to emit upward to the sky or the wall.

Therefore, it is better to have no building, no wall at its front or within its illuminated coverage. It is usually used in exterior wall in parking lot, schools and hospitals, warehouse, shopping malls.

Another kind of LED wall pack – rotating wall pack.

It is different from the two kinds mentioned above, because its mounting angle can be adjustable.

It allows people to adjust its angle to direct light to the wanted place. Its angle is usually from 0 degree to 90 degree, or 0 degree to 270 degree.

Some wall pack head is adjustable, while some LED modules can be rotatable from up to down lighting. To some degree, it can be used for full cutoff or semi cutoff wall pack.

LED rotatable wall pack

Therefore, you should choose the right LED wall pack for your application, whether you should choose mini, small and large wattage wall pack, because neither too dark nor too bright can bring discomfort to people’s eyes and insecurity to you and other pedestrians.

For example, if your residence is living very close to the street and you might not need the light extend to the street, which might cause a car accident.

If you don’t want a very wide or broad, large coverage of lights on the ground, you probably need a rotatable LED wall pack. You can coordinate the installation angle and light up that area specifically.

Another important thing that I want to point out is the material of cover. There are glass cover and PC or polycarbonate cover in the market., PC cover might turn yellow as time goes by because of the sun’s UV rays, that might cause the diffuser lumen transparency rate very low, so if you don’t have a tight budget , we recommend to use glass lens if possible.

You can also refer to the DLC document to find the difinition and zone lumen density requirement of full cutoff and semi cutoff ( open face) wall pack.